How much will an ERP Manufacturing System Cost?

Singapore enterprises in production industry at different development stages encounter various management problems and that can be solved by the use of digital technology. The growing complexities of modern production enterprises have prompted many companies to consider ERP system selection. No matter what, the cost of such a manufacturing-oriented solution cannot be avoided. As enterprises grow in size and complexity, they require increasingly sophisticated software tools to manage their resources and that’s what leads them to seriously consider an ERP system.

How much does it cost to install an ERP manufacturing system in Singapore? The scale and complexity of the enterprise is one factor; another factor is how well the system performs its functional requirements. The scale of operations is small, the management is single and simple, and then the price is relatively low. The cost of implementing an ERP system varies greatly, as the software is complex and its implementation challenging. The more complex your enterprise’s needs are—and the harder it will be to implement ERP in a manner that suits them—the more money you’ll need to spend on this project.

ERP system costs are closely related to factors such as system customization, training costs, software installation, and quotation methods. The costs of buying out and leasing software can affect not only production, manufacturing, input and operation costs but also the security of its use by business.

Additionally, you must be aware of the different between local and foreign brands as well as various brand agencies before making a selection. These brands differ from directly-operated enterprises in terms of system sales models, software deployment methods and maintenance levels that can cause additional operating costs over time. Because of this, it is important to carefully consider system prices when choosing software.

Multiable have developed a set of ERP system which suite for manufacturing industry that can be deployed on customer servers. This delivers long-term use security and ensures implementation by adopting a buyout quotation for deploying such servers, in line with the particularity of manufacturing.

With more than 30 years of implementation and R&D experience, Multiable has accumulated rich and diverse implementation projects profile and strong technical strength, and can respond to diversified business demands and special management needs, and launch suitable special application solutions.

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