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Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Industry

M18 ERP delivers the integration of manufacturing management, intelligent tools and online production reminder to boost the productivity. It also optimises the analytic power by advanced data collection technology and provides a competitive advantage in manufacturing industry. Let’s grow your manufacturing business with Multiable!

Intelligent Production Module for Manufacturing Industry:

Robust M18 production module embraces advanced production management logic within the system which provides a professional and comprehensive platform for enterprise to manage the manufacturing lifecycle process. With the support of the exhaustive advanced settings, enterprise sets visionary goals and targets for sustainable development and aim for a better productivity and maximum profitability.

Mobile Application Integration:

Tightly coupled with M18 mobile application, enterprise can get immediate access to the required information and use barcode/ QR code scanning features. By connecting seamlessly with MES system perform real-time data collection and transferring, it boosts the efficiency in data collection, reduces duplicated data entry manually as well as improves the accuracy of data.

Production Schedule Optimisation:

Feature-rich M18 ERP production module generates structured and precise production scheduling based on processing time and accurate deadlines. Collaborated with the workload data, the production schedule is generated automatically in order to increase the efficiency in scheduling and avoid overscheduling due to employee theft and administrative losses.

Automatic Route Cards/ Job Cards Generation:

By automatically generating route cards/ job cards and monitoring every step of the manufacturing process, M18 ERP production module keep work moving forward without delay by orchestrating:

  • The Schedule of Dispatch,
  • The Wage Payment Method (whether it should be Piece Rate Pay or Time-based Pay),
  • The Details of Timesheet,
  • The Quality of the Product/ Component,
  • The Time to Stock In,
  • The Working Schedule of Workers, etc.

Accurate Material Management:

Well-established material management feature monitors manufacturing process effectively in order to reduce material waste and improve quality and efficiency by:

  • Assisting Enterprise for On-site Material Management,
  • Real-time Analysis of Manufacturing Progress, etc.

Lifecycle Manufacturing Management:

M18 production module performs full dimension manufacturing management by seamlessly collaborates with:

  • Master Production Schedule,
  • Capacity Resource Planning (CRP),
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP), etc.

Major ERP Functions for Manufacturing Industry

Integrate with MES

Bill of Materials

Production Process Scheduling

Work Centre Allocation

Capacity Requirement Planning

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Production Job Re-scheduling

Order-based Material Lock Management

Material Picking Management

Material Back Flush Functionality

Work Process Dispatch Management

Work Process Complete Management

Production Job Quality Control

Labour Cost Calculation (per PCS/ Working Hour)

Production Subcontracting

Master Production Scheduling

Barcode Generation Management

Highlights for the Solutions of Manufacturing Industry

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Flexible User-defined Set Up with No Code Approach
    • Lot Number Control
    • Unlimited Field and Form Editing
    • Unlimited User-defined Module
    • Safety Stock Calculation Method
    • Production KPI Setup
    • Production Process Condition
  • Capacity Requirement Planning
  • Bill of Materials
  • Step-wise Approach Consumption Management
  • Automatically Generating Route Cards/ Job Cards
  • Support Product/ Semi-finished Product/ Subcontracting
  • MES Integrate Portal
  • SPC Integrate Portal
  • Barcode/ QR code Integrate Portal
  • PDM/PLM Integration
  • Automatically Production Process Reminder
  • Automatically Production Delay Reminder
  • Native Mobile App
    • Workflow Approval & Review
    • Real-time Inventory Status
    • Conduct Analysis on Production Report