Cutting Edges

  • Biometric enabled HR system
  • IoT enabled
  • Rule-based workflow engine, A.I. ready and fully customizable.
    Cutting approval related customization cost by over 95% in comparison with traditional HR system.
  • Conventional HR systems just deploy easy-to-crack application level encryption.
    aiM18 HCM store HR system data with built-in TDE protection.
  • Unlimited dimensions of headcount
  • Fully customized payroll formula.
    Over 95% customization required in traditional HR system can be catered at zero cost.
  • Fully customized attendance formula
  • Powerful payroll engines (Execute 1.2 millions payroll formula with retrospective calculation in 18 minutes)
  • Back-dated calculation / reporting
  • Interface for custom labour law compliance development
  • Leveraging social media

Personnel Management

  • Headcount management
  • Custom privacy policy
  • Unlimited concurrent employment
  • Probation management
  • Undertaking agreement
  • Blacklist management

Labour Law Compliance

    • Interface for user to develop tailored labour law compliance
    • Built-in Singapore labour laws compliance
        o IRAS, CPF and MOM Compliant
        o Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) Submission Supported
        o CPF EZPay Supported
    • Built-in Hong Kong labour laws compliance
        o 713 ordinance
      1. o Rest day balance management
      1. o Public holiday management
      1. o MPF, ORSO and IRD etc.
    • Built-in Macau labour laws compliance
        o Social insurance
      1. o Blue card
    • Built-in PRC labour laws compliance
        o 2nd generation ID verification
      1. o Personal tax
      1. o Social insurance


  • Unlimited leave types
  • Unlimited leave entitlement algorithms
  • Interface with payroll and roster
  • Accrual management
  • Leave circle

Time Attendance Management

  • Unlimited shifts per day per employee
  • Ad hoc shift management
  • Rest day balance management
  • Unlimited user-defined work hour / OT / absent / late / early leave algorithms
  • Regulation sensitive
  • OT application


  • Unlimited user-defined algorithm
  • Fully integration with personnel, leave and attendance modules
  • Automatic final payment and other event-specific payroll calculation
  • Cost allocation
  • Bank autopay
  • Social security / pension fund
  • Taxation

Performance Management

  • Unlimited appraisal forms
  • Department / position / grade sensitive appraisal
  • Unlimited appraisers per appraisal
  • Unlimited appraisal cycles
  • User-defined KPI
  • User-defined competence
  • Social media leverage

Employee Self-Service

  • E-Personnel
  • E-Leave
  • E-Payroll
  • E-Attendance
  • E-Appraisal
  • Branch / Shop express management kit