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Digital Transformation for Electronics Industry

Varied alternative materials and production procedure with constant change is the main concern in the management of electronics industry. Here comes the exhaustive M18 ERP with lot number control and flexible production management! The tracking power on each material is optimised to the utmost extent with M18 ERP. Collaborated with advanced scheduling management even streamline and achieve the optimal production process. Let’s grow your electronics business with Multiable!

Flexible BOM and Re-scheduling Management:

In order to manage the large amount of alternative materials and the changeable production schedule for electronics industry, M18 ERP provides a professional and exhaustive solution which empowers unlimited level BOM with routing and advanced scheduling management for enterprise to monitor the entire production process, for example:

  • the amount of used alternative materials,
  • the wear and tear of alternative materials,
  • the change of the production schedule,
  • the change of the production process, etc.

The unlimited level of BOM feature has even been recognised for its uniqueness and robust architecture. By providing comprehensive and digitalised monitoring with integration of BOM and production routing, M18 ERP sends reminder to different department automatically to ensure the changes are notified to every parties efficiently as to improve the collaboration of different parties, reduce the duplicated data input and increase data accuracy.

Production Schedule Optimisation:

Robust M18 ERP production module generates structured and precise production scheduling based on processing time and accurate deadlines for each machines/ work centre/ working progress/ shift. Collaborated with the workload data, the production schedule is generated automatically in order to increase the efficiency in scheduling and avoid overscheduling due to employee theft and administrative losses. In addition with automatic reminder function, enterprise will be acknowledged once there is abnormal situation on the production progress. Then, enterprise can solve the abnormality immediately and reduce the time wasted in discovering problem manually. To achieve the efficient “plan-execute-monitor-feedback” digitalise management for a better productivity, M18 ERP is one of your best choices.

Precise Lot Number Control:

Enterprise can monitor the production procedure in every progress by M18 ERP precise lot number control. Lot number control can be defined for materials/semi-finished product/ finished product, etc. Enterprise may check the status on every item which has lot number, including:

  • Material Picking,
  • Subcontract Picking,
  • Production Material Returning,
  • Inbound of Semi-finished Product,
  • Inbound of Product,
  • Dispatch,
  • Refund, etc.

M18 ERP lot number control assists enterprise to track down the problematic material/ semi-finished product/ finished product in an easier way. Under precise lot number control, enterprise will notice:

  • which product is produced by which batch of materials,
  • who is responsible for producing that product,
  • which supplier provided that component, etc.

It increases the efficiency for enterprise to address sudden issue like the collection for problematic material, etc.

Intelligent Multi-unit in Single Item:

Multiable understands there are different units used to communicate within different departments in electronics industry. Hence, multi-unit calculation and conversion feature for the same product, material, semi-finished product, such as piece, KG, box, etc. should be highlighted. It definitely enhances the communication between different departments to perform a better efficiency and productivity and assists enterprise in business expansion and growth.

Accurate Material Management through ERP Integration:

The scalable M18 production module seamlessly collaborate with powerful bill of materials based on enterprise actual status, such as the amount of available machine, production index, etc. to calculation needed materials for each production order. With the flexible material picking management, enterprises can define appropriate picking method based on practical situation, such as order picking, batch/ consolidated picking, back flushing, etc. M18 production module monitors the entire manufacturing process, starting from picking materials to production and dispatch which minimise the waste and cost of materials and improve the accuracy of material cost calculation.

Major ERP Functions for Electronics Industry

Lot Number Control

Work Centre Allocation

Build-in AQL

Bill of Materials

Quality Control Management

Production Job Re-scheduling

Production Process Scheduling

Inventory Management

Master Production Scheduling

Work Process Complete Management

Production Subcontracting

Subcontracting Quality Control

Subcontracting Purchasing Management

Subcontracting Refund Management

Labour Cost Calculation (per PCS/ Working Hour)

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Solutions of Electronics Industry

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Flexible User-defined Set Up with No Code Approach
    • Routing
    • Lot Number Control
    • Unlimited Field and Form Editing
    • Unlimited User-defined Module
    • Production KPI Setup
    • Production Process Condition
    • Product/ Semi-finished Product/ Subcontracting Multi-unit Switching
    • Step-wise Approach Consumption Management
    • Quality Control Methodology (Sampling Inspection, Full Inspection or Exemption)
  • Labour Cost (Individual/ Group) Calculation per PCS / Working Hour
  • Capacity Requirement Planning
  • Bill of Materials
  • Native Mobile App
    • Workflow Approval & Review
    • Conduct Analysis on Production Report