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Digital Transformation for Import and Export Trading Industry

Import and Export/ Trading Industry requires software which is capable of adapting to changes and able to analysis real-time data to handle the dynamic business model. Feature-rich M18 ERP is one of your best choices! By the integration of e-commerce, POS, logistics, trading, inter-company features, etc., M18 ERP provides the professional and comprehensive solution for import and export/ trading industry to manage the centralised data. Let’s grow your import, export and trading business with Multiable!

Diversify Settings for Internationalisation:

M18 ERP empowers vary settings which designed to the exclusive business model of import and export/ trading industry in order to achieve global management, for example:

  • Multi-language
    • English,
    • Traditional Chinese,
    • Simplified Chinese, etc.
  • Multi-currency
    • SGD,
    • USD,
    • HKD,
    • RMB,
    • JPY, etc.
  • Multiple taxation system
    • VAT,
    • GST,
    • Customs, etc.
  • Multiple exchange rate calculation

Risk Management with no Code Customisation:

Multiple business operation processes can be co-existed within the powerful M18 ERP and user can define the processes without any programming knowledge with minimum or no customisation fee, such as:

  • Placing Order → Arranging Shipment → Issuing Invoice → Issuing Receipt,
  • Placing Order → Purchasing → Stock in → Arranging Shipment,
  • Arranging Shipment → Issuing Invoice → Issuing Packing List,
  • Issuing Quotation → Placing Order → Issuing Invoice → Issuing Packing List, etc.

Besides, rigorous control of risk management is also established by user-defined customising unique operation flow for:

  • Different Departments,
  • Different Product Lines,
  • Different Clients,
  • Different Orders,
  • Different Regions,
  • Different Countries,
  • Different Credit Limits, etc.

Intelligent Document Generating Tools:

With the powerful M18 ERP intelligent generating tools, different documents/reports can be generated, emailed and attached automatically in real-time basis, for example:

    • Purchase Contract with Chinese and English,
    • Sales Contract with Chinese and English,
    • Invoice with Chinese and English,
    • Packing List with Chinese and English, etc.

M18 ERP even optimises the operation process by reducing the workload on printing, faxing, importing and exporting documents. The efficiency of communication between different parties is definitely improved and the troublesome on translating documents are minimised. It does not only facilities internal communication but also enhance communication process with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. The efficiency of generating report increases the analytics power of enterprise which assists omni-channel marketing strategies to be implemented and achieves innovative breakthrough!

Flexible Settings for Different Pricing Strategies:

Highly configurable M18 ERP has flexible pricing settings, for example pricing can be set up based on:

  • Step-wise Cost/ Stair-step Cost,
  • Fluctuated Procurement Cost,
  • Client Type,
  • Product Series,
  • Skimming Pricing Strategy,
  • Penetration Pricing Strategy,
  • Bundle Pricing Strategy,
  • Promotion Campaign, etc.

By collaborating with different discounting method, e.g. discount for single product or discount per invoice, etc., M18 ERP provides a scalable and comprehensive platform full of agility for enterprise to define their unique pricing strategy and stay competitive in the industry.

Real-time Update on Inventory:

M18 ERP shortens the time for inventory turnover and increases the cash flow as a result of monitoring the stock level in real-time basis. Benefit from real-time synchronisation of the below data, enterprise streamlines and automates all of their business process and operation:

• Stock Level in Different Warehouses,
• Status on the Delivery,
• Status on the Procurement,
• Vacancy of the Warehouse,
• In Stock Length of Time Analysis on Particular Product,
• High Stock Level Warning,
• Safety Stock Reminder, etc.

Group Management through Big Data Analysis:

M18 ERP supports the management with solid data to conduct an in-depth analysis to make smart decisions and visionary objectives in order to achieve a better group management, for instance analysis on:

  • Purchase Data of Client,
  • Procurement Data,
  • Sales Data of Product,
  • Sales Data in different Regions,
  • Stock Level Data,
  • In Stock Length of Time Data on Particular Product,
  • Gross Profit Analysis per Order,
  • Gross Profit Analysis per Client,
  • Gross Profit Analysis per Region,
  • Gross Profit Analysis per Salesperson,
  • Gross Profit Analysis per Department, etc.

Omni-channel Solution:

M18 ERP provides a well-integrated solution for enterprises to conduct online to offline business operation from:

  • Online Mall,
  • Online Store,
  • Wholesale,
  • Retail,
  • Import,
  • Trade,
  • Export,
  • Outsource, etc.

Major ERP Functions for Import and Export/ Trading Industry

Client Management

Price List Management

Sales Quotation Management

Sales Order Management

Delivery Management

Sales Receipt Management

Packing List Management

Sales Refund Management

Inventory Management

Supplier Management

Procurement Quotation Management

Procurement Order Management

Procurement Receipt Management

Purchase Order Management

Procurement Refund Management

Quality Control Management

Account Payable Management

Account Receivable Management

Stock Control

Inventory Calculation Management

General Ledger

Highlights for the Solutions of Import and Export/ Trading Industry

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Multilingual Real-time Switching
    • English
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Simplified Chinese
  • Flexible User-defined Set Up with No Code Approach
    • Multi-currency Calculation
      • SGD,
      • USD,
      • HKD,
      • RMB,
      • JPY, etc.
    • Automatic Exchange Rate Conversion
    • Unlimited Warehouse Setup
    • Unlimited Flow for Invoice Approval
    • Unlimited Pricing Setup
    • Unlimited User-defined Module
    • Unlimited Field and Form Editing
    • Credit Limit Monitoring and Reminder
    • Credit Period Monitoring and Reminder
    • Quality Control Methodology
      • Sampling inspection
      • Full Inspection
      • Exemption
    • Quality Control Flow
      • IQC (Incoming Quality Control)
      • IPQCS (In Process Quality Control)
      • PQC (Process Quality Control)
      • FQC (Final Quality Control)
      • OQC (Out-going Quality Control)
    • User Interface
  • Native Mobile App
    • Workflow Approval & Review
    • Real-time Inventory Status
    • Clients’ Orders, Shipments and Receipts Review
    • Suppliers’ Orders, Shipments and Receipts Review
    • Place Order
    • Conduct Analysis on Report
  • Automatic Reminder
    • Shipment
    • Payment
    • Sales/Purchase Order Tracking
  • Real-time Integration with M18 ERP
    • Finance Module
    • Distribution/ Trading Module
    • E-Commerce Module
    • Different Gateways
      • Amazon,
      • eBay,
      • JD,
      • Shopify,
      • Magento, etc.