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Digital Transformation for Catering and Hospitality Industry

Catering and Hospitality Industry faces a common challenge in managing a large number of employees including both full-time and part-time staffs. In order to systematically manage the HR matters and optimise the working efficiency of HR department, M18 Human Capital Management (HCM) provides the professional and complete solution for enterprise in catering and hospitality industry. Let’s grow your catering and hospitality business with Multiable!

Digitalisation through Effective Reporting Tools:

M18 HCM improves the operations in handling full time and part time employee’s life-cycle management (starting from the hiring of an employee, probation period, regularisation, personnel transferring, and even to resignation and reinstatement) by effective reporting tools for enterprise to analysis the real time data, such as:

  • the effectiveness of different recruitment channels,
  • the reason of resignation,
  • the structure of employee educational level,
  • the pattern of employee’s profession, etc.

Collaborate with a bunch of powerful features, for example black-list monitoring, career training, etc., talent acquisition, workforce management and rewards are streamlined and optimised. Enterprise can establish an efficient organisational structure and enhance the structure of human resources with such comprehensive M18 HCM solution.

Intelligent Alert with Automatic Reminder Function:

Feature-rich M18 HCM reduces duplication work and improves HR efficiency by user-defined automatic reminder which can be set based on enterprise own logic. This robust automatic reminder empowers enterprise to set the alert for specific issues and send the reminder automatically at the pre-scheduled time, which can be applied in any kinds of reminder, such as:

  • the expiration of employee contract/ agreement,
  • the expiration of probation period,
  • the birthday of different employee,
  • the expiration of particular certificate/ qualification,
  • the abnormal attendance (late, leave early, absenteeism, etc.),
  • the annual leave status of the employee,
  • the salary budgeting of the enterprise,
  • the manpower planning of the enterprise, etc.

Flexible Settings with Human Resources Budgeting Management:

The high flexibility of M18 HCM empowers enterprise to set up user-defined week/ month/ season/ year HR budgeting plans which ensures the appropriate manpower is assigned to accomplish the particular enterprise goals. The agility set up will act in concert with the budgeting goal of the enterprise to perform integrated HR budget indicators which reflects the real-time implementation of different departments, positions, and budget targets and provides deep insight for the operational improvement. It reduces the reaction time for enterprise to acknowledge the practical status of the employees, such as overstaff and vacancy, by automatically sending warning reminder. In order to set the seal on the sustainable development and appropriate labour cost spend of the enterprise, M18 HCM definitely plays an important role to balance the cost and human resources and provides enterprise the solid data for them to make smart and confident decisions.

Precise Attendance and Payroll Management:

The exhaustive suite of M18 HCM provides comprehensive features for managing employee attendance and payroll, for instance leave management, shift management, attendance calculation, benefit management and salary management modules. The attendance data such as shift schedule, leave application, late arrival, early leave application, absenteeism, etc. are seamlessly transferred to salary calculation system. HR does not need to update the data from different modules manually. By one-click automatic salary calculation, M18 HCM not only reduces the duplication work for HR and enhances the working efficiency but also ensures the accuracy of attendance salary calculation.

Integrated Finance Module with ERP System:

Such unified M18 HCM can even provide out-of-box integration seamlessly with extensive M18 ERP in order to perform a scalable solution which empowers enterprise to manage and monitor labour cost allocation, for example:

  1. conduct labour cost analysis according to the labour data and cost data in HCM,
  2. system automatically generates bank transfer documents and financial accounting vouchers in ERP,
  3. deliver information accurately in real time basis, etc.

The integration of ERP finance module and HCM provides an optimal solution to reduces repeated data entry and improves the HR associate productivity by the easy access data of labour, finance, expense and invoicing.

Major HCM Functions for Catering and Hospitality Industry


Career Path


Leave Management

Attendance Management

Intelligent Holiday & Rest Day Management

Training & Sponsorship

Medical Claim


Employee Self-Service Platform

APX Connectors

Distribution / Trading


Highlights for the Solutions of Catering and Hotel Industry

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Integrated System for Leave, Shift, Attendance, and Payroll Management
  • Flexible User Define Set Up
  • Integrated with Mobile Application
    • Punch In
    • Punch Out
    • Report Tool
    • Attendance Checking
    • Leave Checking
    • Salary Checking
    • Personal Information Checking and Editing
    • Approval Submission for taking Leave, Recruitment, Expense, etc.
  • Unlimited Rules to be set by User based on own Logic
    • Salary Calculation Rules
    • KPI Index
    • Efficiency Index
    • Performance Evaluation Form
    • Approval Flow
  • Real-time updates
    • The status on Recruitment
    • The status on Employee Training
  • Real-time Integration with Distribution / Trading and Finance