What Is SoD?

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SoD (Segregation of Duties) is your best line of defense in ERP security. Let’s talk about why it is so important and how your team can manage role conflicts across applications.

Segregation of Duties is an internal control that prevents a single person from being solely responsible for business process tasks. Giving one person control of entire business processes can allow error and possible fraud. The result would be disastrous for your business. You could risk financial loss, reputational damage, and compliance violations. For example, take the process of paying vendors. You don’t want to give one person the capability to create and pay vendors. You’d run the risk of the user creating and paying themselves as a vendor.

How can your organization protect itself from the danger of too much responsibility falling to one person? This article will discuss Segregation of Duties (SoD), an internal control that’s critical in helping businesses minimize risk across their organization and applications.

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