Which documents can be shared via EDI?

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) System in Singapore

Today, industries use EDI integration to share a range of document types. The most common document flow exchanged between business partners’ computer systems are purchase orders, invoices, and advance ship notices. Several other documents are transmitted via various EDI formats depending on industry and region.

  • Food retail or FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) organization: requests for quotations, order status inquiries, product transfer, resale reports, etc.
  • An e-commerce company: booking confirmations, shipping status, customs documents and others.
  • A manufacturer: motor carrier load tenders, requests for routing instructions, product activity data, advance ship notices/manifests, etc.
  • A healthcare/medicare organization: application advice, price information, functional acknowledgments and so on.
  • A supplier: credit/debit adjustments, consolidated service invoice statements, sales catalogs and other documents.
  • Logistics companies: reservation bookings, status details, warehouse shipping orders, response to a load tender and so on.

We have listed just a few formats across some of the industries where EDI is most prevalent. However, the scope is vast as more and more industries adopt EDI.

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