The Benefits of Network Technology and IoT

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) System in Singapore

IoT devices fixed into assets are being used to record variables like vibration, temperature, humidity, and flow through at a much more granular level using IoT devices fixed into assets. Combined with advances in 4G and 5G – where we now have global network coverage – connecting and feeding data back from assets and devices is now simpler.

Data from IoT devices flows into a data lake; from there, (AI is used to identify key insights and items of most concern. This insight, displayed via Power BI, offers a visual representation of where issues are most likely to arise.

The lack of Smart Maintenance can have serious consequences. For example, a crucial piece of equipment in an oil refinery malfunctions , reducing supply and causing oil and fuel prices increase. Combine Smart Maintenance and IoT, and you get near- or real-time telemetry allowing organizations to calculate time between failures.

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