Is Your ERP Software Incomplete Without BI?

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Your ERP system is the backbone of your organization. It stores all your data, records the details of your operations, and automates your processes. It breaks down silos and streamlines communication and collaboration between departments. It allows the company to operate out of one central, unified database.  

However, it may not have the power to translate your data into actionable insights on its own. While your ERP system can easily collect data and consolidate your information, it is a business intelligence solution that helps companies make sense of that data and transform it into useful insights that can help them make data-driven decisions.  

By integrating your ERP with a fanatical  BI tool, you’ll leverage the combined power of both solutions to empower your business and drive it forward.  

Gain actionable insights 

BI will give you a high-level view of your data within your ERP and may visualize that information in easy-to-read custom dashboards and reports. Having access to these insights and predictions helps you create data-driven decisions quickly and  simply.  

More accurate reporting 

By automating your data analytics, you’ll save time and make your reports more accurate, as you reduce the risk of human errors.  

Streamline your reporting process

Generating reports can become a full-time job, but with a BI solution, you’ll easily generate reports with minimal effort. This can free up your employees and allow them to focus on revenue-generating activities.  

Gain insights from legacy data

BI software can analyze your historical data and give you insights that might help improve profitability.  

Predictive analytics and forecasts

BI software improves your forecasting efforts and analyze your historic trends and data to predict future outcomes. This is very useful for identifying opportunities and gaining a competitive edge.

ERP and BI are Better Together

Chances are that you are not making the best use of your company’s data or getting the most value possible out of your ERP. By combining BI with your ERP system, you can leverage the full potential of these solutions and improve your core business processes. 

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