4 Key steps for internal preparation and kick-off

Orange shoe walking on stair, ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) System in Singapore

1) Determine scope and clarify goals.

First, clarify your goals and objectives and be sure all stakeholders understand them.

In the planning stage of the project, it is helpful to gather opinions from various parties.  But trying to please everybody can lead to your project scope becoming too vast and uncontrollable.

Thoroughly analyze your processes and goals; discuss, and clarify priorities during the requirements analysis phase.

2) Involvement of key person

Identify key people in their respective fields within the company and determine how to involve them in decision-making.  Aside from department leaders, most companies have key employees that play major roles.  The cooperation of such individuals is essential for the success of an ERP implementation project and will help the rest of your team with user adoption

3) User buy-in

Define the benefits of the new system from the manager’s point of view and the user’s point of view. Consent and cooperation of the users who oversee operations are essential for an ERP implementation project’s success.  If you ignore this perspective, it will be challenging to elicit understanding and cooperation from the whole team.

4) Commitment of management and the project manager

ERP implementation projects involve the work and roles of many people.  Project managers must have a strong will to ensure that the ERP project proceeds successfully and leads to business and management improvement. Firm and effective management will be able to overcome resistance and navigate any problematic situations.

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