What is True Cloud and Why Should I Care?

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If you’ve been researching cloud business software for a while now, you may have heard of the terms “true cloud or “cloud washing.” At first glance, these may seem like buzzwords created to sell more cloud software. However, like most things, not all cloud software is created equal. So, a smart individual coined these terms to describe some major differences that exist between them.

Basically, true cloud systems are built from the ground up for the cloud. And, cloud washed systems are legacy ones their creators retrofitted to mimic cloud systems.  

Important differences between true cloud and cloud washed systems:


True cloud systems offer full usability on mobile devices without the need to buy additional software or hardware.

Cloud washed systems may only be partially available on mobile devices or require you to invest in additional tools to allow the system to function on mobile devices.  


True cloud systems let you use every feature on any device, anywhere. The resulting productivity gains are immediate. You have real-time access to key data, empowering you and your team to make smart decisions quickly. Plus, true cloud systems make it easy to stay in close contact with your customers and suppliers.

They create providing the stellar service, you dream of possible because the system is available anytime, anywhere. Not must you wait to get back to the office after a key supplier or customer meeting to take the next steps.

Cloud washed systems often only give online access to some of the systems. So, they can’t deliver full productivity gains.  


True cloud systems offer quick and headache-free upgrades, delivering the latest features and functionality to you without disrupting your business.

Cloud washed system upgrades, although not is tedious and time-consuming as those done on a legacy system, are often slower and more expensive than true cloud system upgrades.  

Bottom Line

As you’ll see, true cloud systems offer a variety of benefits over their cloud washed counterparts. If you’re considering making the move to the cloud, be sure the system you select can give you all the advantages of the cloud, not just a few.

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