What Every CFO Needs to Know about the ERP Buying Process

ERP System in Singapore

Because nobody does it regularly, the ERP buying process can often feel complex and overwhelming. But as any CFO knows, it’s an enormous decision you can’t afford to require lightly. the great news is there are many resources available online to assist ease your ERP buying stress.

Buying ERP may be a big decision and financial investment. Nobody wants to implement a system they’re going to only regret buying a brief time later. The simplest thanks to avoid making the incorrect choice is taking the time to know your needs, map your needs and thoroughly research your options.

  • The first question every CFO must ask themselves before beginning the ERP buying process.
  • The ins and outs of ERP costs and pricing
  • The way to determine exactly what you would like from your new ERP
  • Critical inquiries to ask every ERP vendor you’re considering
  • The way to decide which deployment method (cloud or on premise) is best for you
  • Key attributes to seem for in your ideal ERP vendor
  • The pros and cons of direct versus partner sales
  • A simple to follow eight step plan for ERP buying success

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