Seven eCommerce Strategies to Win the Competition

Seven eCommerce Strategies to Win the Competition

1.   Planning

As much as an eCommerce site launch requires adequate planning, the ongoing management of the web store also requires careful planning and management. A well-planned use of tools like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Advertising can help beat the competition.

2.   Customer Friendly

With no salespersons to guide customers, their buying decisions are based on their perception of the company and the people behind the store. A bug-free, customer friendly and a well-designed site capable of guiding the customer through their buying process and addressing their concerns leads to higher and value added sales.

3.   Mobile Friendly

With the increased use of mobile devices, especially smartphones,  customers prefer to shop on the site while they are having coffee or waiting for a bus. Businesses that can capture the attention of these potential customers are way more successful than their competition.

4.   Social Media Friendly

Social Media is a very valuable tool for communicating with customers and getting their feedback and suggestions. This two-way communication helps companies to understand customer’s needs and helps them to improve their offerings. Managing social media requires constant monitoring and posting of new content.

5.   Social Elements

Customers love to read reviews. Their opinion about any site is affected by the social buzz. Giving customers the opportunity to share their opinion about the site, products, services, and offerings give them an impression that you value their business and their opinion.

6.      Well Optimized

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for the success of any site. SEO ensures that the customer finds the site in the jungle of millions of other websites trying to attract the same customer. SEO helps brings in the relevant traffic by targeting the right audience.

7.   Well Managed and Integrated

Managing an eCommerce site without proper tools is a daunting task. A significant amount of time is required on a regular basis to download orders and update shipment status. Add the time required for updating content like prices, quantities, new products, images, product catalog,  and managing a Webstore becomes a full-time job.

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