4 Tips to Increase ERP User Adoption

1. Communicate the benefits before rolling it out: Before even beginning the implementation process, people need to understand the reasons for the change, why it is necessary, and how it will help them with their daily work. If they don’t understand the reason and benefits behind such a big change, they will not buy in and would see the project as another thing to add to their busy day.

2. Make sure the system is easy to use: Your new ERP system should be fast, easy to learn and intuitive. Make sure to identify any issues with the system and resolve them before it is rolled out. If people see issues as soon as they start, it will not motivate them to keep using the system and will use that as an excuse to avoid using it altogether.

3. Get top management involved: Adoption starts at the top. Employees are more likely to understand how important this system is if they see their management teams use the system themselves.

4. Provide Training and Continuous Support: Support shouldn’t stop as soon as the system goes live. Ongoing training and support is an important part of ensuring the success of an ERP implementation and not just a one-time event. Users may run into issues along the way and without support, they will have a hard time accomplishing their tasks. As a result, they would likely go back to the old way of getting the job done.

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