Our Needs are Unique Due to Local Taxation Laws and Culture. Can a Standardized POS Cater Our Needs?

ERP system in Singapore, POS, Multiable

Not only your business. Every business, no matter you are in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam or any other countries, owns her uniqueness. In the past, standardized POS systems did have the notorious pitfall of expensive customization fee and lengthy localization process. However, it is no more a problem for POS under M18 ERP.
Hong Kong, hosting one of the largest MNC headquarters community in the world, nurtures Multiable as an POS system vendor with global vision.
POS @M18 ERP and F&B@M18 ERP is widely adopted in area like China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan etc. Powered by its no-code approach, customers from every corner of the world find no pain in turning Multiable POS into a system fit for their unique business needs.