8 Methods AI Improves ERP Software

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1. Prediction

AI-driven solutions can process historical data from ERP software and make predictions for the future. These tools identify seasonal patterns in your business, offering suggestions on whether you should decrease or increase production.

Not only does AI reduce the costs of forecasting, but it also makes forecasting much more accurate. You can significantly reduce the risk of underproduction or overproduction when you manufacture the right amount of inventory.

2. Analytics

Artificial intelligence’s ability to work with massive amounts of data enables real-time, accurate data insights from ERP software.
AI can analyze the buying behavior of different categories of customers, enabling you to tailor your products or services to the needs of a certain audience.

3. Warehouse Management

Artificial intelligence can test countless demand forecasting models with precision, adjusting to different types of variables, including changes in demand, supply chain disruptions and new product introductions.

4. Financial Management

AI can automate quarterly and monthly processes and closing operations by verifying reports for accuracy and comparing account balances between independent financial systems.

5. Production Processes

When integrated with ERP software, AI can detect inefficient processes and suggest a solution that will reduce costs.

AI also can identify processes that use too much energy. It enables predictive diagnostics, minimizing the waste of resources.

6. Human Resources

Another advantage of AI-enabled ERP software is that it can be proactive. It can detect what employees need a raise. In addition, it can analyze data on the skills and experience of applicants, expediting the recruiting process.

7. Sales Automation

Chatbots powered by AI not only help customers but also conduct the whole sales triangle. Now, Chatbots can cope with segmentation and provide responses in real-time.

8. Customer Service

AI can use information about performance evaluations and employee qualifications to schedule service calls and assist with planning.

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