Users’ Query in M18 (3)

Query In M18-3, ERP system in Singapore

We had shared several useful functionalities or tricks that improves productivity and that is usually one of the main reasons why companies are looking to upgrade or even changing their backend ERP system. Fundamentally, the backend ERP system must be a system that allows flexibility for the users to capture data or information without spending additional time and money and once all these are captured, it must be flexible enough to allow users to extract the information out. Today let’s us look at drill-in.

In the M18 ERP system, it allows users to drill-in for instance, in a “Customer” module, user can drill down all related data modules accordingly. For instance to the related “Sales Quotation”, “Sales Order”, “Delivery Note”, “Sales Invoice” and “Receipt Register”. And the conditions of the drill down can be explicitly specify by the users themselves to suit their daily job requirements. This is extremely useful in helping to filter massive unrelated information as to enhance users’ experience and to improve productivity.

At this juncture, I believe many readers will be wondering that users will be able to extract all the information from the system. Not to worry, M18 HCM & ERP system being a robust backend, it allows admin to setup up access rights for users based on their roles and duties. Certain sensitives fields such as salary in M18 HCM, deal size in CRM and etc, can be setup easily in the “Role Right Setup” module.