The Importance of HR System During Tropical Disturbance

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Tropical Disturbances are weather phenomena caused by rapidly changing atmospheric conditions that can affect areas where tropical storms can develop causes heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, lightning, and even typhoons or hurricanes. In areas prone to such weather events, companies need to ensure their employees’ safety while at the same time, make adjustments in their operations. One critical tool in handling such a situation is a proper HR system (HRIS/ HRMS/ HCM).

An HR system is business software that helps companies manage employee-related tasks such as payroll, benefits, training, recruiting, and performance management. However, during times of tropical disturbances, an HR system goes beyond just managing these employee-related tasks but becomes an essential tool in maintaining employee safety and business continuity.

In any natural disaster or emergency situation, communication is key. The HR department can quickly communicate with employees on the latest updates about the situation, any changes in work arrangement, and safety protocols. An enterprise system like Multiable HCM system could centralize communication avenues such that all employees can access the information as needed in real-time.

Moreover, it is inevitable that severe weather will disrupt normal business activities, leading to a looming business continuity risk. To minimize business continuity risks, the HR department can make adjustments to employee schedules, change work locations or even implement a remote work policy.

An HR system can support these adjustments by tracking employee hours, location, inputs critical data for processing employee’s payroll and benefits. With an enterprise system like Multiable HCM system, such HR software can allow managers to generate forecasts to anticipate a breakdown in the system as a result of any contingency plans.

During extreme weather situations, ensuring the safety of employees is always paramount. By providing up to date and accurate information to emergency teams, the HR system can assist in evacuations where necessary, provide employee details to relevant personnel, and manage employee return-to-work procedures.

Finally, once the storm has passed, the HR department can leverage its system to manage post-tropical disturbance processes by notifying employees of absentee payroll procedures, updating their training materials as required, and making necessary arrangements when cleaning up the workspace.

In conclusion, during tropical disturbances or any other natural disaster, there is a necessity for proper preparedness and communication. An enterprise system like Multiable HCM system, for example, makes it easier to manage HR processes from a centralized location, providing real-time updates and notifications which will prove valuable to both management and employees’ safety. The HR system’s main function essentially shifts from processing employee details to managing emergency situations while still providing critical data necessary for routine HR operations.

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