Corporate with ERP to Provide Advanced Healthcare Services

In order to thrive in a high-life-expectancy society, we need advanced healthcare services. As the world’s population continues to age over the coming years, this will become an even more pressing issue. An increasing number of elderly people and growing concerns about health are contributing to the rise in demand for healthcare services and products.

As a result, more and more companies are seeking to enter the healthcare industry. However, they often find it difficult to make their mark in this highly competitive market. In order to succeed in such an environment, it is important to have an advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that can help you streamline your operations and offer a wider range of services.

Technology contributes significantly to the success of the healthcare industry. The acceptance of the ERP system in various industrial domains has increased with the emergence of technical advances and intensified competition. ERP system’s effective and robust features break information silos, streamline processes, and automate departments—making it an irresistible choice among businesses. To integrate the core services, support services and back-office operations of different departments, they need integrated systems. This is one reason for implementing an ERP system as well as to reduce operating costs and overheads.

Health care providers are struggling to balance two competing goals: providing high-quality patient care while reducing costs. As a result, healthcare institutions are always improving their ERP system to provide more and better care for patients.

Healthcare providers face many challenges, including increasing patient demand and decreasing reimbursement rates. These pressures have led many healthcare organizations to implement an ERP system to help them manage their operations more effectively. By automating many of the manual tasks that are involved in running a healthcare business, ERP system also allows healthcare institutions to reduce costs and improve quality.

About Multiable:

Multiable is a leading provider of ERP solutions, developing its own professional business software. With more than 30 years of experience, Multiable ERP system has been adopted by over 6,000 enterprises in Asia. We deliver innovative yet practical solutions that solve your business challenges. Multiable ERP system that improves efficiency will help you optimize your business to provide advanced healthcare services.

About EDG Grant:

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) was launched in 2018. EDG is a single grant that supports companies in the upgrading of business capabilities, innovation and internationalization. EDG replaces the Capability Development Grant (CDG) and the Global Company Partnership (GCP) in the same year.

M18 ERP and M18 HCM is under the scopes of EDG grant.

Our consultants have rich experience in helping customers to get EDG application awarded to deploy our renowned M18 ERP in Singapore. Multiable will provide relevant technical / system related documentations and guide you throughout the application process

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