Optimizing Business Process with AI Tools and ERP for your E-commerce Business

It is impossible to imagine what life would be like without technology. We have become so dependent on technology that our lives revolve around it. Technology has had a transformative impact on society. As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, we can expect that impact to continue in the future. Technology has made possible many of the advances we enjoy today. For example, the invention of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way people interact with chatbots and search engines.

Increasingly, e-commerce business owners are using ChatGPT — an artificially intelligent chatbot that can perform a variety of tasks related to running an online business — to automate certain aspects of their work. In addition to adopting artificial intelligence, sellers can also optimize their business processes by integrating ERP solutions. ERP systems are designed to help companies manage their inventory, sales and marketing efforts. When these systems are integrated into an online business, they can increase productivity and streamline operations.

The most successful e-commerce firms in Singapore rely on ERP tools, which give them a competitive advantage. ERP systems link all company activities, from production and supply chain management to sales and procurement. It gives companies a more complete picture of their commercial transactions by combining data from finance, logistics and human resources departments.

By integrating your ERP software with other business systems, you can capture and track real-time data from a single source. ERP integration allows users to log in and access data from several different programs, creating a centralized database. In addition to improving operations, ERP integration can streamline business processes and reduce costs. You can use it to automate manual tasks, eliminate redundant workflows and manage your inventory more effectively.

Multiable ERP system provides a RESTful API for integrating with other e-commerce platforms. More and more businesses are turning to Multiable ERP software solutions — which offer flexible, automated operations that improve efficiency — to meet the demands of a growing marketplace. One of the main benefits is that Multiable ERP system offers businesses a comprehensive end-to-end system, with the flexibility to integrate other e-commerce applications.

About Multiable:

Multiable project team has implemented HCM systems for over 30 years, providing solutions tailored to meet the client’s requirements. Multiable HCM system has revolutionized the Asian human resource management industry by providing fully integrated solutions that standardize business processes and improve coordination among departments. These efficiencies have helped it forge long-term relationships with over 6,000 companies.

About EDG Grant:

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) was launched in 2018. EDG is a single grant that supports companies in the upgrading of business capabilities, innovation and internationalization. EDG replaces the Capability Development Grant (CDG) and the Global Company Partnership (GCP) in the same year.

M18 ERP and M18 HCM is under the scopes of EDG grant.

Our consultants have rich experience in helping customers to get EDG application awarded to deploy our renowned M18 ERP in Singapore. Multiable will provide relevant technical / system related documentations and guide you throughout the application process.

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