Which ERP Software is best for Manufacturing?

There are many different types of manufacturing companies on the market in Singapore. With the widespread use of information technology, manufacturing companies are increasingly considering intelligent systems to be more efficient than conventional ones. Manufacturers often encounter difficulties choosing which ERP software to use in order to stay competitive.

Increasingly, enterprises in Singapore have adopted ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems to overcome common difficulties such as product delivery and workshop scheduling, business process systemization, real-time control of order progress.

When you are choosing an ERP system for your manufacturing business, it’s important to evaluate the service providers that offer their products. The manufacturing ERP companies have different specialties, strengths and weaknesses, such as service experience, implementation experience, successful rate on implementing ERP, is the provider a reseller, etc.

When inspecting manufacturing ERP service providers, you should compare the ERP capabilities, software sales models, software installation methods, and project team building, etc. At present, there are different manufacturing ERP system service providers on the market, such as localized brands, overseas products, and brand agents. So which service providers are the most suitable for manufacturing ERP system?

Multiable Company is renowned for its ERP solution, also a professional developer of its ERP systems. With over 30 years of experience, its ERP is adopted by over 6,000 companies in Asia. Combining our advanced manufacturing management experience for development, we make well use of the intelligent analysis of big data to perform automatic and optimize solution for manufacturing business, such as accounting of labor costs for orders, and seamless connection with e-commerce platforms, etc.

The self-owned ERP software supports safety drawing/blueprint/drafting paper control, keeping track of production progress, custom price monitoring, seamless connection with production material control system, etc., coupled with the full assistance of professional implementation consultants, to help Singapore enterprises put into application smoothly.

Multiable Manufacturing ERP software has the ability to provide a comprehensive solution for manufacturing business. For example, digitally manage batch numbers, contracts, machines, material changes, orders, invoices, attribute values, barcodes, invoices, cost control, quotations, returns, etc., so as to solve abnormalities in real time, reduce workstation costs, and enterprises in the manufacturing sector will hasten their transition into the big data era.

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