Does Singapore Library need ERP System?

Many Singapore academic institutions now have libraries to support the curriculum, encourage students and faculty to research new things that go beyond their textbooks—and much more. As the demands of library management change, libraries should invest in software that can grow with those changes.

ERP software becomes indispensable for the library of the academic institutions, since a variety of processes and data—such as event management—require automation. Most of the ERP system can handle things like event management quite efficiently, but it may not be able to manage the unique requirement for library automation. Library automation requires unique systems like Library Management System (LMS) to automate library processes by making administration tasks easier, including registration, circulation, cataloging, stocktaking, procurement, etc. By integrating library management with event management feature, the cost would be high.

However, Multiable ERP does much more than just provide a powerful event management feature, Multiable ERP also provides a full set of RESTful API, and so third parties can integrate their applications seamlessly. In fact, many proprietary ERP systems are designed and developed by small companies rather than large software vendors. While this makes them more affordable for small businesses to purchase initially but it also cause big problems—because most proprietary ERP packages don’t have the flexibility or extensibility required for integration. Unlike Multiable ERP, we offer a ready-made feature for users to integrate with different parties—such as library management system—to establish an end-to-end solution tailored specifically to Singapore academic institutions.

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