Kanban in M18 ERP & HCM Systems (1)

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For many manufacturing users of ERP system, Kanban is probably a familiar name or term that you often heard of for lean manufacturing or Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing. In fact, this scheduling system used in manufacturing was invested by a Toyota engineer in the 1940s. Kanban in fact is the name of the Toyota Nameplate System.

So what is Kanban in Multiable M18 ERP & HCM System? It is not related to the Kanban manufacturing but the idea is similar to the “Nameplate”. It is a our graphical presentation of how a batch update to the data module can be achieved easily without the need to export the data into excel to amend and then import it back.

In most of the ERP systems out there, I believe this is the most “efficient” method and is often performed by the users themselves. However, if the C-Level needs to view the information and to make business decision fast, it will tough and time consuming to do so. Basically, the C-Level will need his secretary or an admin staff to generate a report for him and then update the data if necessary after discussion.

Isn’t having an ERP systems is to help the C-Level to understand how the business is performing and to make quick business decision? Can it be solved in a much more easier way? Information can be presented graphically for readable and “drag and drop” capability to update the information with ease?

Allow me to share with you on how Multiable M18 ERP systems can help our customers achieve that easily in the next article.